Roll Away Cellulite – F.I.T Roller Class

Feb 26th • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm • United Studios

Why Our Class?
F.I.T Roller Class is Unique as our roller can be either Heated Or Iced.

Beginners and Experienced Welcome!

Class includes F.I.T Roller – Hot/cold Massage Ball – 60 min instruction – 2 week pass.

Call for Details! – Ages 14- Adult.

Improved circulation and delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to the muscle. This helps your muscles to function at optimum capacity.

Decreased pain and soreness.

Rolling out the knots and keeping your muscles long and pliable reduces the likelihood of injury.

Increased range of motion – increase your range of motion as you loosen up tight areas and help clear scar tissue.

Cost-effective therapy.

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