Scottish Music Tattoo & Parade, Thurs. 3/14, 7:30 PM

Mar 14th • 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm • Musco Center for the Arts

Tradition meets celebration at the Musco Center tonight with the Edinburgh Tattoo ensemble as they perform for the Scottish Music Tattoo & Parade. This group of world renowned bagpipers, drummers, and singers will be performing classic hymns and busting out their take on many modern rock pieces. The program is unique, merging electric guitar and traditional Scottish instruments with lilts performed by dancers in beautiful costumes, evoking the festive spirit of Scotland. This brigade traditionally was used to announce the arrival of enemy soldiers but now it serves a ceremonial purpose often featured at the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade. This parade filled with history and pride urges you to grab your kilt and head down to Chapman to celebrate this “firework of music”.

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