Silent Movie Night, Thurs. 3/7, 7:30 PM

Mar 7th • 7:30 pm • The Muckenthaler Cultural Center

During the Pre-Code era of film (everything before 1934), and especially during the Jazz Age, liberated women with free sexuality dominated the silver screen and were almost never punished for their power and sensuality. Victor Fleming’s Mantrap, a romantic comedy set in the fictional frontier town of the same name, serves as a double-entendre for the spirited Clara Bow, who flirts and flits her way into everyman’s heart. Filmed the year before Bow would famously become the “It Girl” and based on Sinclair Lewis’ unsuccessful novel, Fleming manages to liberate his characters from the text in this charming, rip-roaring adventure tale. Award winning composer Michael Mortilla provides live accompaniment during the screening so don’t miss it! (Written by SR Davies)

Tickets: $15-$30

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