Sleater-Kinney, Wed. 11/13, 8 PM

Nov 13th • 8:00 pm • The Observatory – Santa Ana

Emerging from the Pacific Northwest during the creative crucible of the 1990’s, Sleater-Kinney set the musical world ablaze with its fierce feminist rock. The band never outright identified as a Riot Grrl outfit but bore the heavy imprint of the musical movement’s influence. After a lengthy hiatus, the band reunited five years ago and thankfully began recording anthems anew. Aptly titled for these times, The Center Won’t Hold was released over the summer, a triumph unfortunately marked by the departure of longtime drummer Janet Weiss. The show goes on with Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein at the helm. Armed with a superb new collection of songs, Sleater-Kinney remains as riotous a good time as ever!


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