Temples of Stoke: A Celebration of Surf Shop Culture, Fri. 8/9, 6 PM

Aug 9th • 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm • Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center

A surf shop is not just a place that sells boards and rentals for tourists, it is a place where surfers call home. Twenty-five of California’s local surf shops have teamed up to create this interactive exhibit where generations of surfers can come witness photos, memorabilia and hear stories from some of the best that ever rode the waves. Beach towns along the California Coast all have their unique way on how they helped define the current world of surfing. Whether you are a professional surfer or the person that just likes to attend the U.S. Open every year, this opening night is going to be a great way to submerge yourself into the surf culture over drinks, a taco truck, good company and storytelling.

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