The Polly Pocket Tiny is Mighty Tour

Oct 13th • 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Polly’s Adventure Course: Kids can demonstrate that they are courageous and tenacious while mastering the course that will include climbing a Giant Button Wall, the Polly’s Soda Lookout Platform which will provide a chance to peer into Polly’s world, and a slide down the Giant Inflatable Flamingo into a large ball pit!
  • Cupcake Compact Karaoke Stage: Kids will be inspired by Polly to dance and sing in a life-size Cupcake Compact.
  • Polly’s Free Play Zone: Fans can play with the new product and enjoy episodes of the brand-new Polly Pocket TV series.
  • Maker Activity Area: The perfect place for kids to roll up their sleeves and make Polly Pocket themed crafts.
  • Tiny Power! Photo Activity: Families will have the opportunity to snap the perfect pic within the tiny world of Polly Pocket.

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