The Premonitions, DVLWND, Hollowfortyfives

Jan 14th • 9:00 pm • Continental Room

Fancy yourself in a mood to brush off the early week woes and see a show? Continental Room’s got you covered tonight with an extremely fierce trio of bands playing on their curtained stage. First up is the Premonitions, whose jangly garage rock provides fuzzy reverb-tinged guitar that lays waste to any dullness in the room with their buoyant energy and electric rhythms. Same goes for DVLWND, a Riverside-based three-piece band that have sent audiences sweeping up the standing room area with their garage punk bangers. If that’s not enough rock for ya, Hollow Fortyfives will end the night with even more sweaty, sixties-infused punk that have attracted audiences from all over the greater Los Angeles area.

Free, 21+

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