Those Pretty Wrongs, Kontrol, GRMLN, Stinker Lets Loose!

Feb 22nd • 7:00 pm • Burger Records

Those Pretty Wrongs is of course Big Star’s Jody Stephens and musician’s musician Luther Russell doing dreamy gleam-y ‘70s-style power-pop with an emphasis on the pretty parts. They’ve got a new 45 out on Burger, and yes, if you liked Big Star, you should get the record when you go to the show. And for something completely different: what is surely to be an ultra-rare performance of the soundtrack for the mysterious lost ‘70s trucker movie Stinker Lets Loose!—there’s a long backstory here, but basically the Stinker Lets Loose! phenomenon is somewhere between obsessive parody and reincarnation, created by a lot of people working under pseudonyms. Anyway: expect Charlie Daniels-by-way-of-Cracker-Barrel vibes and maybe some Jerry Jeff Walker wisecracks at the end of each verse.


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