Welcome to Night Vale Live Podcast, Sat. 3/9, 8 PM

Mar 9th • 8:00 pm • City National Grove of Anaheim

The mysterious lights above the Arby’s sign; Carlos, the scientist with perfect hair; Cecil Baldwin’s simultaneously comforting and haunting voice; the ALMIGHTY GLOW CLOUD; if these things hold a special place in your heart, then you remember one of the most innovative podcasts of our time. Years before every pseudo-philosophizing jock you loathed in high school started channeling their inner Bro Brogan, Welcome to Night Vale immersed listeners in a surreal, dystopian world of its own. Currently, the production is in the midst of a world tour, with Cecil and other classic characters performing a new standalone script written by creators Jeffery Candor and Joseph Fink. Surely this night will serve as reminder that, as Cecil puts it, “We lead frantic lives, filled with needs and responsibilities, but completely devoid of any actual purpose. I say, let’s try to enjoy the simple things.”

Tickets: $27.50

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