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Woodstock: The Director’s Cut

Jul 13th - Jul 14th • 2:30 pm • The Frida Cinema

Considered the benchmark for all concert films, as well at the most entertaining, director Michael Wadleigh’s chronicling of Woodstock’s iconic three-day outdoor music festival in Bethel, New York in 1969 won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature and grossed fifty million— making it one of the most profitable films in history. This Director’s Cut, featuring editing by the legendary Thelma Schoonmaker (Raging Bull, The Departed) and Martin Scorsese (three years before Mean Streets), includes footage not shown in the original theatrical release. So, grab your edibles, or whatever, and join Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Arlo Guthrie, the Who, Santana and Crosby, Stills and Nash among others for a rock n roll flashback to the days of free music, free water, and free love— and do not take the brown acid. (Written by SR Davies)

Showtimes: Saturday, July 13 & Sunday, July 14, 2:30 & 7:30 p.m.

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