Yorgo Alexopoulous: 360° Azimuth

Dec 5th • 11:00 am • Laguna Art Museum

For the first time in seven years, the commissioned art installation for Laguna Art Museum’s Art and Nature Fest isn’t outside on Main Beach. LA-based Yorgo Alexopoulos’ “360° Azimuth” has taken over the museum’s largest gallery, bringing the outdoors in with a wallop. The wider-than-widescreen video installation utilizes two synced projectors for lush views of nature processed via a new(ish) medium; here landscapes are symbolic of the human need to explain the inexplicable. With any film frame, photograph, painting or drawing in his studio archive, he incorporates CGI, motorized movement and Euclidean symbols to make “360° Azimuth” dazzle with shifting color and a good deal of wonderment.

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