Facebook Fan Pages Support Manhunt Suspect Chris Dorner

Perhaps the public's outrage at years of police brutality and cover- ups is justified, or perhaps people simply have their heads planted firmly in their own asses. In either case, fan pages supporting accused cop killer Chris Dorner have been popping up around Facebook. Featuring titles such as “Chris Dorner a Real Ni**a” and “We Are All Chris Dorner,” they celebrate the former LAPD officer believed to have killed a woman and her fiance in Irvine this weekend as well as a Riverside police officer yesterday morning.


A multiagency effort spanning multiple states is currently underway to find Dorner, whose burned-out truck was discovered yesterday in the Big Bear area near the Snow Summit and Bear Mountain ski resorts. In a manifesto published online Dorner said he was fired from the LAPD for blowing the whistle on dirty cops and promised to bring “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniforms whether on or off duty.”

One of the aforementioned Facebook pages states “Chris will be awarded the realest ni**a alive award, fuck the grammy's.” [sic] Another page features images of a man with a shopping cart pushing groceries out of a burning building.

The intense manhunt for Dorner touched off Sunday night when 28-year-old Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence were found murdered in a car located in an Irvine parking structure–apparent victims of Dorner's wrath. Quan's father, LAPD captain Randal Quan (now retired), advocated for Dorner during disciplinary hearings, and according to Dorner's manifesto didn't fight hard enough. The Orange County Coroner's office reported that the younger Quan and Keith died of multiple gunshot wounds. 
As police scour the forests of the San Bernardino mountains in armored vehicles and tactical gear, it's likely Dorner has other targets in mind. Today former LAPD Chief William Bratton is giving interviews about a package sent to CNN by Dorner which contained a coin Bratton gave the accused murderer before Dorner deployed overseas with the Navy. The coin contained three bullet holes and was accompanied by the following message: “Thanks but no thanks Will Bratton.” 
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