FBI Busts Alleged California Home Loan Mortgage Kickback Scam With Arrests

agents have arrested two Southern California men, Tony Phan of Little Saigon and Troy Chattariyangkul of Los Angeles County, for their alleged involvement in a mortgage loan fraud kickback scheme, according to records reviewed at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

Phan, a 35-year-old Fountain Valley resident whose resume claims he works as a senior underwriter at Stearns Lending, Inc. in Santa Ana, was arrested on Dec. 6 and released the following day on $25,000 bail.
On Dec. 5, federal agents arrested Chattariyangkul, a 34-year-old USC graduate, and released him on a personal recognizance bond the following day.


According to an FBI report reviewed by the Weekly, Phan and Chattariyangkul accepted bribes to ignore falsified financial details on loan applications while they worked at Homecomings Financial in the period around 2007 and 2008.
Another arrested alleged member of the fraud, Chang Park worked with Phan and Chattariyangkul before joining Xtreme Funding in Pasadena and its branch manager, George Zevada
Zevada eventually launched Silverline Mortgage Pasadena and took Park with him as they targeted business with Seeno Homes and Discovery Homes in Northern California, according to court documents.
After his August arrest, Park outlined the scheme to FBI agents investigating white collar crime and provided records to support his contentions, according to court documents.
For example, agents cited an email from Chattariyangkul to Zevada detailing that he and Phan wanted at one point $3,500 to “push” through loan documents for three potential home buyers.
In another email, Park sent an email regarding a loan application to Phan stating, “What figures should we put to make this work? Let me know brothas.”
Zevada allegedly used CPA Miguel Arenas Sr. and his Miro Accounting to repeatedly forge financial documents–like pay stubs–in the scam, according to court documents.

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