First Hardcore Band Ever: Middle Class Reunion 100 Percent On

​A few weeks ago, Frontier Records announced that for their 30th anniversary, they were hosting a show featuring a reunion by Santa Ana hardcore pioneers Middle Class

The label (which released punk classics such as The Circle Jerks' Group Sex,” The Adolescents self-titled blue album, and Suicidal Tendencies' self-titled release) had reissued Middle Class' seminal 1979 EP, Out of Vogue. 

Soon after, members of the band (which broke up in 1982) refused interviews, saying the label was premature in announcing their reunion, as they were only “99.9 percent” sure that they were performing.


But OC punk history was made Friday when the reunion of hardcore originators the Middle Class went from 99.9 happening to 100 percent on as the foursome practiced in an undisclosed location for its first show in nearly three decades.

The Middle Class 2.0 includes original members Jeff Atta (vocals), Mike Atta (guitar) and Mike Patton (bass) and Matt Simon, the group's second drummer. Original skinsman Bruce Atta-now a college professor-was asked to participate but “couldn't put in the time,” said brother Mike.

The six-stringing Atta also said the group is hoping to get approximately 15 practices before taking the stage in less than two months. Currently, the band is hoping for a 45-minute retrospective set comprised of songs from its two singles and a few tracks from 1982's full-length Homeland.   

Depending on who you talk to, the band is regarded as either the first or second hardcore band ever (some say it's Black Flag) thanks to the 1979 EP Out of Vogue, a four-song aural assault that took the Ramones' penchant for downstrumming and sped it up to then-unheard speeds. This will be their first live show in since then.

For now, the Middle Class reunion (which will also feature The Adolescents, Flyboys, The Pontiac Brothers and Rikk Agnew) is shaping up to be a one-time thing, but Mike Atta said that could-or could not-change.

Frontier Record's 30 Year Anniversary Concert will be at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on Nov 7. The event is being put on by Part Time Punks. The show is all ages. Tickets are $15. Doors open at 4 p.m.

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