First Things First, Lose The Fedora: Coachella Fashion Tips

There's a thin line between looking like a hipster clone at Coachella and looking like a damn fool. Low-budget chain shops like Forever 21 and H&M seem to be jumping on the Coachella fashion bandwagon. We're here to tell you that you don't have to spend cash (that can be used for food and gas) on new rags that are only going to get drenched in sweat and dusty desert air. Even if you're not a fashion maven, you can still make a fashion statement without looking like a reincarnation of a young Cosmo Kramer. What's wrong with turning a few heads? Plus when you look fashionably conscious it's easier to sneak into the VIP area.

Tip 1: Leave the fedora at home

Out of the thousands of festivalgoers wearing hats at Coachella it is estimated that 93.4 percent of them will be wearing fedoras. People, for the billionth time, find another kind of hat (preferably not a silly one). There are other styles out there. Don't be a follower!

Tip 2: If you're going to make a statement, make it a good one.

There's no need to be sort of extreme, because most of the time you'll simply look extremely tasteless. If you want to be original, less is always more–not less clothes, just less bizarro crap.

Tip 3: Hey, dude, you can look nerdy and still be cute, just don't act like one.

These dudes obviously have their hipster thing going on, but they still look clean, cute and with a touch of personality–thus approachable. That's your aim this weekend: Don't lose yourself in your image, whatever that might be.

Tip 4: '80s style isn't everything.

This woman pictured above is a perfect example of what to do, and how to do it well. Instead of going with the basic American Apparel route, add subtle touches of unique items. Like one earring with a bright color that enhances the entire look. And this beautiful gal went beyond '80s retro, she went back to the disco era. Bonus points.

Tip 5: Do it with a smile

Because even if you're dressed like a Hollywood runaway or a loner from the trailer park, if you're sporting a clean face and washed hair all the while showing off your pearly whites, you're a lot better off than other folks.

Tip 6: Wear clean underwear; bring extra pairs.

Sleeping isn't something that is quite achievable at Coachella–that's a given. That means you'll probably end up wearing the same jean shorts the entire time, because, let's face it, who knows if you're ever even going to get to your suitcase. So we suggest that you pack at least two pairs of underwear in the bag that you'll be carrying around at the festival. Put them on if you start smelling rank. And, hey, you can always give them to someone you meet as a souvenir. Can't wait to see how well you look.

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