Five Songs to Help Defeat the Leftover Blues

Although Black Friday is known for shopping, it is also known as the beginning of the leftover parade. If you want to make room for non-gravy doused foods in your fridge, you'll need all the help you can get.

Here are five golden oldies that can help lessen the blow of a week's worth of leftovers.

Nick Lowe & Rockpile, “Let's Eat”

“Let's eat! Let's eat! Let's eat!” Impresario and man-about-town Nick Lowe recorded this little ditty with help from professional super-grouper Dave Edmunds in the late 70s. Although they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England, they do eat food.

The Beach Boys, “Getting' Hungry”

Despite the fact that the Boys are singing about getting hungry for “my kind of woman,” it is no secret that in 1967, Brian Wilson was hungry for pretty much anything he could get his hands on.

The Kinks, “Maximum Consumption”

“Don't you know you gotta eat food? Don't you know you gotta refuel?” Although the four members of the Kinks probably weighed less than 500lbs between them, they certainly had a grasp on the importance of eating.

Paul Revere & the Raiders, “Hungry”

“I can almost taste it, baby.” Okay, so most songs about hunger are probably just as much about lust. Nonetheless, lead singer Paul Revere Dick (no kidding!) once owned several restaurants in his native Idaho. How's that for credibility?

Paul & Linda McCartney, “Eat At Home”

Although John Lennon's “Cold Turkey” may have been an instinctual choice, that song has nothing to do with refrigerated birds and everything to do with hypodermic needles. But Macca, with the help of his lady Linda, highlights the finer points of both staying at home and eating — two much more satisfying activities than buying a flat-screen television at 4am.

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