Five Worst Disney Tattoos… Ever

Check out the full artwork after the jump… and stick around for five of the absolute worst Disney tattoos folks have ever committed to their bodies.


Annfaye Kao of Taiwan loves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

How much? This much:

Yeah. That's pretty intense.
Kao committed her obsession of the 1937 Disney classic to a full-back tattoo over the period of a three-month inking session. The tattoo went on to win an award at an international tattoo convention.
I have to admit, for the most part, that's pretty well done. I have some questions about Snow White's pig-like nose, but other than that it looks pretty good. Of course, the top of Kao's butt crack in that photo helps out a whole lot.
With Kao's dermal dedication to all things Disney, I've decided to hunt down the five worst Disney tattoos ever committed to skin. Enjoy!
5. The Minnie Mount
This is the tattoo you get at 3AM in New Orleans during Mardi Gras while your girlfriend is off showing her tits on a balcony somewhere. After you sober/grow up, you realize how much you regret both of them: the tattoo and the girlfriend. The girlfriend is the easy and cheap part to get rid of. The tattoo? Not so much.
4. The Property of Andy
Alright, I take this one back because it's pretty fucking sweet. Although, as someone who has tattoos, I assume this one hurt like hell.

3. The Thump Stamp

This one would have been cute if the Thumpers were overlooking the girl's junk and not her butthole. Just kidding! It's totally gross either way. There are a lot of things I don't want anywhere near my exit: knives; any of the guys from The Big Bang Theory; Diet Coke and Mentos; etc. And now you can add Thumper (or a gaggle of Thumpers) to that list.
2. The Anti-Aphrodisiac
To anyone considering a Walt Disney tattoo on their body: No one wants to stare at a sixty-something dead guy while they make love to you… or accept money from you while they have meaningless sex with you. Nothing kills a boner or personal moisture like a creepy portrait of Walt Disney with his mouth open. Nothing!
1. The Heigh-Hole
Please, Christ, please tell me this is fake! 
Although, if it's not, I love the fact that Happy is seen going in and Grumpy is seen coming out. Firf!

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