Flier of the Week: Telomere Repair at the Prospector, Aug. 5

Most people would be a bit nervous about moving into tilting bachelor pads like the ones on this flier.  But rocking out inside a chaotic house of sound on shaky ground is exactly the kind of thrill you get, watching the angular prog of Telomere Repair

This inventive post-punk trio continues to excite (and scare) unsuspecting Long Beach locals with their aggressive, sharply-timed machine gun riffs that splice Tool, Gang of Four and Fugazi into an unholy blizzard of distortion. It's the kind of music that is likely to shake your foundation to the core, or at the very least make you wanna pick up your instrument and practice a little more. Either way, we think they're worth the drive to the Prospector on Thursday, where you can watch them perform with LA duo Younger Youth. And by the way, if your house actually does look like either of the neon death traps above, then you should probably consider moving…like, yesterday.

 The show starts at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover. 21+.

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