For the First Time in a Decade, Disneyland Opens Up Membership to Über-Exclusive Club 33

For those who never thought they'd cross “Become a Club 33 member” off their bucket lists, there's now a glimmer of hope. 
Disneyland is finally opening up membership to the secretive, insanely exclusive club located in New Orleans Square near Pirates of the Caribbean. No new names have been taken in the past 10 years. 
Want in? First, you must already be in line. Orange County Register reports that Disney will be sending out embossed invitations (fancy!) to the first 100 people on the 800-person waiting list.  


Second, you need $25,000 for the initiation fee. And $10,000 for your annual dues. Membership includes a family set of non-blocked-out annual passports and a set of guest passes, as well as the baller ability to get people into the park as long as they spend the price of an admission ticket at Club 33.
That's it. You're in. Tell us if you're one of the Chosen Ones so we can try to be your best friend.  
If you still can't make your way the club, you can still live vicariously through Anne Marie's review
California Adventure will also be getting a new private club called 1901, the year Walt Disney was born.  

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