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Fusty Puckett by Barley Forge at The Cave Sports Bar: Our Beer of the Week!

In the shadows of the Happiest Place on Earth exists an even happier place: The Cave Sports Bar, where cast members, hotel workers and exhausted tourists all congregate after a day at Disneyland. It’s small but comfortable, with six big-screen TVs behind the bar, a dart board, online jukebox, full bar, a dozen beers on tap and over 40 bottles of craft beer to help you forget why you ever went to California Adventure in the first place! You want food? Mi Casa Mexicana next door delivers! Craft beer and tacos al pastor para todos!

The beer selection is impressive and includes a few ciders as well. Total Crystalation (6.7% ABV) from Ninkasi Brewing Co. uses freshly harvested crystal hops balanced out with citrus and malt notes. Voo Doo American Stout (8% ABV) by Left Coast Brewing features roasted barley that offsets the sweetness of the chocolate, so you get a stronger pure chocolate and toffee note—San Clemente represents! And the local heroes continue to get #respect with Barley Forge’s Fusty Puckett (7% ABV). They deem it a Winter Warmer Brown Ale, and it’s perfect for these cold, wet winter nights. This is a seasonal brew, so make sure to get some or wait until next winter. Barley Forge doesn’t skimp on the ingredients with this tasty brew: malts, hops, vanilla, cinnamon and both sweet and bitter orange peel. You’ve heard of comfort food? This is comfort beer!

So if you don’t have your own mancave, then bring your squad, girls and boys, to the Cave. FTM! Fuck That Mouse!

The Cave Sports Bar, 628 W. Orangewood Ave., Anaheim, (714) 740-0490