Gail Eastman, Anaheim Councilwoman, Credits “God's Hands” With Creating Anaheim Riots So Mayor's Agenda Could be Defeated

As I said in my essay on Anaheim's Troubles this summer, I've long stayed away from city politics to protect friends and family who work at City Hall from vindictive politicos. Well, thank God city politics are so rotten that they deserve my attention, especially the biddy councilwoman named Gail Eastman.

I previously wrote about her celebrating while Anaheim burned on July during the riots that happened right outside City Hall. Eastman later apologized for those remarks, so I can't wait to see what excuse she's going to offer for a email obtained by the Weekly in which she credits “God's hands” and says “Praise the Lord” for the riots that ensured democracy wasn't practiced in Anaheim that night.

On July 25 just after midnight–just hours after over 1,000 people faced off against cops from Anaheim and other agencies–Eastman sent an email to Bill O'Connell, the developer pendejo who claims that $100 million public subsidies to him will prevent riots from happening in the future. The two of them were happy that night: during that council meeting, Mayor Tom Tait was going to try to place two proposals on the council agenda for a vote–one that would allow Anaheim residents to vote on a multi-million-dollar subsidy to hotel developers (that would've directly affect O'Connell), and another that would've put the issue of creating ward districts for city council elections instead of the current at-large system on the ballot as well. But because of the unrest, Tait had to end the council meeting early, and his efforts failed.

Eastman was ecstatic. “Always looking for the good to come out of the hard times, it seems like Gods [sic] hand in that due to the escalating unrest Tom found himself with no way out but to wind up the meeting with out [sic] a vote on his two proposed ballot measures and those of us against them didn't have to appear to be the bad guys,” she wrote to O'Connell (all the atrocious grammar is hers). “All I can say is 'praise the Lord' he can't get either of them on the ballot.”

She ended her note to O'Connell with “get cracking and get those hotels built!”

WOW. Hey, Gail: why are you trying so hard to move up in the rankings for our coming Scariest People issue? Are you that dumb, or just naturally pendeja?

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