Hall & Oates

In the history of '80s R&B crooners, few singers were as soulful Daryl Hall. But he was a bit of an anomaly given he was white and rocked a bushy-ass mullet. Making things weirder, his partner in crime, John Oates, was a curly-haired, mustachioed guitarist who could have been lifted from the set of Hill Street Blues or a low budget porn. They were absolute proof that looks can be deceiving—and together they conquered the Billboard 100 with a slew of unforgettable hooks and six number one hits including “Kiss is on my List” and “Maneater.” In the new millennium, the band continues to receive accolades and, this week, they demonstrate that just because they’re playing the OC Fair doesn’t mean they’re “Out of Touch.”

Thu., Aug. 8, 8:15 p.m., 2013

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