Hopeless Records and Sub City Imprint Raised 2M for Charity, with Help from Thrice and Avenged Sevenfold

On Sept. 1, Hopeless Records and its charity imprint Sub City are throwing an invitation-only party to celebrate a milestone: they've raised $2 million for charity.

The idea for the Sub City was dreamt up in 1999. The staff at Hopeless Records thought the imprint would be a great way for bands to use their music to make a positive impact, and it was a good way to connect with their fans as well.

The Van Nuys-based company gives 5 percent — 2.5 percent
from artist royalties and 2.5 percent from the label — of the revenue
collected from the suggested list price of albums released on Sub City to a charity chosen by artists.

Since its inception, Sub City has released over 40 albums and have worked with over 400 artists. The imprint has also spawned countless events and the annual “Take Action” tour, where 10 percent of the ticket price is given to
charities. As a result, they've raised over $2 million for 50-plus charities.

Irvine band Thrice have been instrumental in reaching this goal, says Hopeless Records founder and president Louis Posen. “In fact, Sub City was one of the things that appealed to Thrice about our label,” he adds. Natalie Schaffer, the marketing coordinator of Hopeless, says Thrice was an early supporter of the Sub City concept to connect bands, their fans and causes they are passionate about.

“Through their two releases on Sub City/Hopeless, Identity Crisis and The Illusion of Safety raised over $180,000 for Orange County's Crittenton services and South Central Los Angeles drop in center A Place Called Home.” She adds that the hardcore band “played a huge role in both putting Sub City on the map and helping Sub City reach the milestone.”

Fellow label mates and Orange County artist's Avenged Sevenfold  and Melee have also  participated  in Sub City releases  and tours including A7X performing on the 2003's Take Action tour and Melee's album Everyday Behavior benefiting Orangewood pals.

The Sept. 1 event will be held in Los Angeles at the Angels &
Kings club. At the event, Hopeless and Sub City will honor partners who
support the label's charitable effort, including Jason Tate (founder of
absolutepunk.net), Mike Shea (founder of Alternative Press Magazine),
Hot Topic, iTunes and Red Bull.

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