Idiot Wind

You were the old man in the Bob Dylan shirt eating with two women and a child at a Fountain Valley restaurant on a recent Saturday afternoon. I was sitting with my boyfriend across from you, enjoying a turkey burger, chatting and browsing the newspaper. As you guys were wrapping up your meal and getting ready to leave, the kid started roaming from your table, and you did nothing to stop her. Then she held the door open. It was a windy day, and the newspapers and napkins on our table started blowing everywhere. And since the three adults with her said nothing, I said, “Hey, sweetie, close the door, please; everything is blowing around. Thank you.” She did, but a few minutes later, she was back at it. Again, not a peep from you, so I repeated what I said just moments before, and again she stopped. You all got up to leave, the ladies and child exited first, and then you stared me down and slammed the door. Really?! I was kind to your unsupervised child even though she was disturbing our peaceful lunch, and you have the nerve to throw shade at me?! All while wearing a Bob Dylan shirt? Puh-leeze!!

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