If You're Ready To Lighten Up…Brian McKnight Surprises the Twitter-verse.

R&B crooner Brian McKnight happens to be a personal favorite, with a career that has spanned decades. And while he is best known for his sexy and sweet love songs like, “Back at One,” “One Last Cry,” and “Anytime.” This Monday, BMK decided he'd release a YouTube sneak preview of something new he's been working on.

Let me be the first to say that Brian has a great sense of humor. He always brings jokes into his live shows and while he isn't a comic, he's pretty humorous on his Twitter. If you follow him (@ItsBMcKnight) then you know he has been teasing about working on something different and yesterday, he delivered just that with, “If You're Ready To Learn.”


Stating in the video, “I had an idea about doing an adult
mixtape. I asked everybody on my timeline, what subjects they'd want me
to tackle? There were some varied sorts of responses. Most people only
want to hear me do one type of song. “There's lots of conversations I've
had with men, lots of conversations I've had with women, just about
other sexual type things that I'd like to tackle. “So I'm in the middle
of writing that song and I'm gonna give you a preview of what that song

With that, Twitter exploded with everyone's “two cents.” Brian
McKnight was and still is at this moment, one of the hottest trending
topics. Some people laughed, some complained (lighten up), and most were
just unsure why Brian McKnight would sing this type of song after his
long career filled with hits and Grammy nods.

Hey, he did say he was working on something new. And just like his
regular music isn't for everyone, when and if he decides to release an
“adult mixtape,” you of course have the choice to listen or not. I mean
let's be real here, people sing about “profane” things everyday but I
guess when Brian McKnight does it something is wrong. Gotcha.

With that, Twitter sounded off with mixed reviews…

@nikfc- Whoever told Brian McKnight that song & video were hot, should be smacked and fired. #DontCallItAComeback

@RoFloESPN- That awkward moment when a co-worker asks you name of the song you're humming. Thanks Brian McKnight.

@simonesmalls- Who told Brian McKnight that was okay? Who advised him
it was a good look? Isn't he the brother of a TAKE 6 member?

@DJHotday- Brian McKnight is having a mid-life crisis? Lol

@ArashMarkazi- Biggest problem w/ Brian McKnight's song is that it's
stuck in my head and I'll likely sing it tomorrow without thinking.

@KingThelonious- So Flocka can tell you to buss it wide open, but Brian McKnight can't show you how it work?

Through the good, bad, and just downright awful responses, Brian tweeted out this morning, “This is what I'll do I'm gonna finish it today and I'll put it out a clean and a nasty version how about that?”

Hopefully everyone who couldn't take a joke will be happy now.

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