Incoming: Love You Moon Show at Cal State Fullerton, noon, May 6

Got any lunch plans this Thursday? Wanna hang out at an underground pub/bowling alley/pizza parlor with Matt Embree of RX Bandits? We thought so.

He may look like Jesus, but Embree is a mere prog-rock messiah. And he's performing an acoustic set under his solo moniker Love You Moon at Cal State Fullerton's Titan Student Union University Pub at noon. We're telling you about it now so you can stake out the location. It may be hard for some of you non-Titans to find it since it's not exactly out in the open (notice we said “underground pub/ bowling alley/pizza parlor”). But once you get there, ask around and you should find it. Seating is definitely limited so get your ass there early.

It seems like SoCal RX Bandits fans have really been getting spoiled lately. Even if you missed their Coachella performance last month, last week you got the opportunity to see members of the band perform at Alex's Bar and a massive hometown show at the Glass House. Now this? 

In case you're not familiar with Embree's solo work, take a gander at this one and only video he shot for the song “David's Birthday” off his 2008 release Waxwane (Sargent House Records).

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