Introducing Beer Baron Greg Nagel to OC Weekly

Deliberately and shamelessly stolen from the Facebook page of Nagel (by way of The Beer Goddess)

Ladies and germs, may I have your attention please. Join us here at Weekly World Headquarters in welcoming thee Mr. Gregory P. Nagel to the asylum! Mr. Nagel joins the insanity here at OC Weekly as our latest scribe in the gluttonous side of the paper; our Food & Drink section. He’s as cool as an ice cold summer shandy on a hot central county summer day–with just a hint of citrus tart!  

Nagel’s auspicious and discerning tastes in taste itself; that is to say of good food and greater drink have led him to be an esteemed critic here in Orange County. His musings on beer in particular have graced the pages of the likes of Orange Coast Magazine and his own brainchild, OC Beer Blog

His other brainchild, Firkfest, is an annual smorgasbord that allows local breweries to get casky and experiment with unique and limited cask-conditioned beer brews each spring at the Anaheim Packing District. 

Not to mention his role as one of the titular four brewers in the Four Brewers podcast which is a bubbly listen into the world of brewing and breweries. 

You can read his debut article for the Weeklythis Beer of the Week review/Anthony Bourdain tribute–just put on tap this morning. And if you see Mr. Nagel about town, be sure to buy him a saison or five!

When not running the and OC Weekly’s social media sites, Taylor “Hellcat” Hamby can be found partying like it’s 1899.

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