Iridium Flare Mead Braggot at Bottle Logic Brewing, Our Beer of the Week!

Bottle Logic Brewing was just the third brewery in Anaheim when they opened in early 2014, Now, “AleAHeim” boasts 14 breweries, with more on the way. Even though Bottle Logic is about 3 1/2 years old, this explosion makes them an OG in OC’s craft beer scene. Located in the middle of Brewery Road—the stretch of La Palma Avenue that hosts seven breweries—it’s the destination for beer aficionados in search of tasty and innovated suds gracias to brewmaster Wes Parker and fellow founders Brendan Buckner and Steve Napolitano. Their Tasting Room is open seven days a week, with a full schedule of food trucks that you can track on their website. Better yet: They’re currently working on an expansion that will be finished next year—BOOM.

There are styles of beer for everyone’s particular palate, from IPAs to Blondes and the new beer on the block: the New England-style Haze. The Glowing Sea (5.8% ABV) falls in the latter category, a juicy, hoppy drink great for a hot and humid day. It’s light and citrusy, with hops and malt coming on the back end, pineapple notes front. Then there’s the Princess Peach (4.8% ABV), a Wheat Ale with peaches. Don’t think this is one of those sweet beers; it’s a delicious wheat ale, refreshing with just a hint of peach—very enjoyable with no bitterness and a clean finish.

Then there’s the Iridium Flare (13.9% ABV) Mead Braggot. It’s a mead merged with beer, aged in bourbon barrels with Marionberries and honey. This delightful concoction is meant to be sipped with pinky akimbo, because the sweetness of the honey and berries combined with the smokiness and wood of the Bourbon barrel is such a treat for your taste buds. And it’s STRONG—Imagine yourself drinking a pint after setting fire to the House of Lannister. Winter is HERE!

Bottle Logic Brewing, 1072 N. Armando St.., Anaheim, (714) 660-2537;

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