Irvine Police Open E-Commerce Exchange Zone Next to … Where Else?

You have just entered … the E-Commerce Zone. Photos courtesy of Irvine Police Department

Do you know how Irvine became the Safest City in America?

Sure, of course, practice … but also worth considering is how the Irvine Police Department is always thinking.

Take its new E-Commerce Exchange Zone.

Perhaps you have read (even on this site) about crooks who post or respond to online classified advertisements, arrange to meet at a designated spot and then end up robbing the would-be buyer or seller.

Irvine’s coppers sure know about such crimes. For instance, in 2014, they arrested Arnold Min Baek for allegedly stealing nearly $20,000 from people who’d responded to Craigslist ads he’d posted advertising a Mercedes and Rolex watch for sale.

Well, in hopes of making e-commerce transactions, the department created an E-Commerce Exchange Zone, which is located–get this!–in the parking lot adjacent to IPD, 1 Civic Center Plaza.

“The area is clearly marked and is equipped with high-definition cameras that record activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” reads the IPD announcement. “The video feed from the cameras can be seen in IPD’s Communications Center.”

There is no fee nor a reservation required to use the E-Commerce Exchange Zone, but should you have questions about it, call the IPD front desk at 949.724.7000 or visit

Sign of the online times

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