Japan Fair

You’ve never been to Japan. You’ve seen parts of Japan in movies such as Lost in Translation, and you like the idea that you can buy beer, lettuce or soiled girl panties out of one of Japan’s 5.6 million vending machines (that’s more vending machines than there are people in New Zealand, btw). But you won’t be doing that anytime soon since Japan is now all radioactive and it’s only a matter of time before actual Godzillas and Mothras trample all the karaoke joints. The next best thing would obviously be Japan Fair, a two-day event at which you’ll experience all that traditional and contemporary Japan has to offer, including candies that make your boobs bigger, wasabi beer, octopus ice cream, wasp crackers (now with more wasps) and some “cheerleaders on acid” electronica musical performances. It’s just like being on the island—with less hair loss.

Sat., Oct. 12; Sun., Oct. 13, 2013

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