Jared Watson of the Dirty Heads' Five Best Songs To Get Stoned To

Jared Watson, the lead singer of the Dirty Heads, makes no bones about his bands' uh, appreciation for cannabis and variations thereof. So is pot integral to the Dirty Heads' sound and their creative process? “Definitely yes,” Watson says in a phone interview. “When we were younger and listening to music and listening to a lot of reggae, part of that was smoking a lot of weed, going to high school. That comes hand in hand and was definitely a big influence.” Find out what songs Watson considers the best to listen to while stoned after the jump, and watch out for the full interview in the coming weeks to preview their show at the OC Fair in July.
Watson explains that while getting stoned is a big part of the group's vibe and culture, he can't write music while high. “Duddy's the creative, functioning stoner
of the group. I can play video games and make stupid dick jokes, but if
you get me stoned and I'm at the studio, I'll probably disappear for an
hour, so I don't smoke so much on tour anymore because I'm worried I'll
mess up onstage.”

1. Ken Boothe, “Artibella”

2. Black Seeds, “Turn it Around”

3. Junior Murvin, “Police and Thieves”

4. Freddie Mcgregor, “Big Ship Sailing”

5. Bob Marley, “Acoustic Medley (Full) Hard to Find”

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