Jennifer Delson–Going :-(

Papi Pulido and his amigos can breathe a bit easier: longtime Los Angeles Times SanTana reporter Jennifer Delson is leaving the paper, as reported by LA Observed and confirmed by Delson via phone call. Delson has written about Orange County's wackiest city since 1999, when she was known as Jennifer Mena.

No word yet on whether the Times will replace Delson with another writer, but her departure is further proof that owner Sam Zell is all bluster and cuss words and no action. Hey Zell, you fuck (note to readers: personal joke between he and I and not gratuitous name-calling): last month, you threw a fit about the Times' Washington, D.C. bureau being overstaffed and the Orange County offices being bereft of reporters and promised to reverse those numbers. How is letting a veteran reporter like Delson leave fulfilling that promise? We don't await an answer, as you obviously love to mumble about pussy much more than allow your quality product to approach Singleton territory.

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