La Morena Mexican-Style Lager from Anaheim Brewery, Our Beer of the Week!

Anaheim is rightfully acknowledged as OC's beer capitol, but let's #respect the founders: Anaheim Brewery owners Barbara and Greg Gerovac, who opened back in 2011, long before anyone ever thought craft beer would ever take off in OC. The couple are longtime beer enthusiasts, even spending a few years in Bavaria, Germany to learn from the masters. They've even contracted local artist, Chris Maya, to draw and design some of the labels, including the beautiful La Morena lager label.

Their offerings are diverse and delicious. An Anaheim Red (5.5% ABV) is a full-flavored American Red Ale—the malt hits you up front, smooth, toffee, finishes clean. Nice and toasty. Classic Red. The California Common Anaheim 1888 (5.5% ABV) is similar to Anchor Steam but even more on point. It's the flagship beer of Anaheim Brewery and rightly so: Well balanced, hops and malt. Meanwhile, the Coast to Coast IPA (7% ABV) is a traditional British style IPA. You'll enjoy the hops without any bitterness, with a slight citrus on the back end.—fish and chips anyone?

You've drank you're share of Mexican lagers right? You usually have to throw in a lime to make it drinkable. But La Morena  (5.6% AVB) requires no additives. Everything is right there in the beer,  malts, hops, passion, and amor. It's rich in flavor, no aftertaste, the only thing I would recommend is…dos de pastor, y dos de asada!

Anaheim Brewery, 336 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, (714) 780-1888;

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