Let There Be Rock Opens Its First West Coast Music School

Courtesy Let There Be Rock Fountain Valley

Just one week after saying goodbye to the beloved Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Let There Be Rock is opening a chapter in Fountain Valley. Right here in our OC Weekly neighborhood Jeremy Whiteley decided to run the franchise, creating his own music school and studio. His background includes playing bass in various OC bands and operating a recording studio for about four years.

“Running my own school and studio has been a lifelong dream of mine and I was ecstatic to gain approval from Let There Be Rock to open,” says Whiteley. This will be the chains first venture West, as its other operations are based on the East Coast and in Texas. “On a whim I called my buddy who founded the school and he said they were considering putting a music school in Cali; long story short this started three years ago and it’s been a work in progress ever since,” continues Whiteley.

This passion project is more than just another music school and Whiteley feels like there’s a special level of musical fellowship that is bound to happen. Across the other locations, Let There Be Rock has become a staple for the communities they’re a part of. “We just want kids and even the adults to be able to come and hang out,” Whiteley says. Whether it’s for the game areas, the stage of acoustic set up for open mic nights and events, or the studio with Grammy award winning Joe “JoJoHo” Hogue  on board, there’s something for everyone. At the other locations there have even been a few bands who were signed to labels after forming at the school.

Courtesy Let There Be Rock Fountain Valley

On Saturday there will be an open house where the public can check out everything Let There Be Rock has to offer, along with food and raffles. The prizes include free lessons, discounts on memberships, and tickets to a few events. Anyone who comes to the opening will be given 50% off on their first month at the school as well. The school in El Paso is sending out one of their teen bands to perform, showing off all their skills they’ve learned and developed which Whiteley says, “will be cool because these kids get experience a little bit of a tour to come out and play”. One of the instructors who is the current drummer of DevilDriver will be conducting a clinic, so you can experience first hand the quality of lessons to be held at the school.

The monthly lessons will start at $159, but the future is filled with ideas of scholarships and donation support. The eventual goal is to give any kid who wants to learn how to rock the opportunity to do so. “We’re looking forward to making an impact to the area in a positive way, keeping kids off the street and out of trouble”, says Whiteley, “We want to get these kids out playing in front of people and having fun doing it because that’s really where it’s at. If I can bring that, that’s where the dream becomes reality”.

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