I accept other people's opinions but only in a venue-/circumstance-appropriate manner. I have great respect for talented entertainers, but when I pay to hear/see them in concert, that's what I want from them, not their missives on politics, the environment or life in general, regardless of whether they agree with me. Jim Washburn says Michael Moore is “an Academy Award-winning director” but so what? O.J. Simpson won the Heisman Trophy, but that doesn't mean I value his opinion on politics [“No, You Shut Up!” Aug. 25]. Washburn probably is “Lost in OC,” but his comments leave no doubt he is clearly “Clueless in OC” as well.

Bill Matthies

I just want to tell Jim Washburn, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for putting into words what so many of us can't articulate. You rock!

Dari Silverman
Santa Monica

After enduring a week of the Republican Convention, what a pleasure and relief it was to read Steve Lowery's “We Shoot Republicans!” [Sept. 3]. It wasn't just funny—it was right! Call me if you need backup.

Lindsey Tuttle
via e-mail

Do I hear John Ashcroft coming? I understand that back in the 1970s, John Kerry was associated with a group that was planning to shoot senators. No wonder you are on his side. You lefties are just plain nuts and deserve to be out of power and scorned.

Dan Barto
via e-mail

You talked about the baseball gods messing with the Angels, how about they just suck [Gustavo Arellano's “This Week in Supporting Your Anaheim Angels,” Sept. 3]! If you have been watching the best team in the universe, THE BOSTON RED SOX just swept them up and tossed them out with the rest of yesterday's garbage. By the way, the World Series win was just a fluke. Southern California sports will never be on top because the fans here are bandwagon jumpers—they will be on your side when you are winning, but they will jump ship when times are bad. GO RED SOX!

via e-mail
The editor responds: Hey, Boston, why the hate? First off, we don't jump off teams' bandwagons; we send them to St. Louis. Second, if the Angels' World Series championship was a fluke, it came with a playoff-series victory over the New York Yankees, something the Red Sox have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever done. Ever. Oh, and another thing, AARON BOONE! Hahahahahahahaha. Anyway, Dan, take a breath. We love the Sox and pray that one day their fans know the feeling of ultimate victory during this non-horse-drawn era. Until then, go fluke yourself. GO OFF

Chuck Devore should not expect to get any satisfaction or even a response from the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) regarding his complaint against Larry Agran [Letters, Aug. 13]. He and Shirley Grindle are not the only people who have appealed to the FPPC about questionable campaign practices conducted by Agran and Beth Krom. In October 2002, my husband and I filed a complaint with both the Irvine city attorney and the FPPC about well-documented violations of the Irvine Political Financing Ordinance as well as a violation of FPPC rules for Form 460. The Irvine city clerk passed us along to the FPPC, and we have received no response from the FPPC. A local politician informed me that as long as Democrats control California government, the FPPC would delay looking into any complaints against Democratic candidates.

Elizabeth Thomas

R. Scott Moxley's article on exposing the Great Park's inevitable “smorgasbord” with Agran and his cohorts is “inquiry journalism” at its best [“Agran's Tree People,” Sept. 3]. Thank you. It saddens me that there are so many ethical, honest citizens who would treat the Great Park like they would treat their own property and money, but unfortunately, they never get on these type of Boards—too many times, those appointed are positioning themselves to “steal” under the guise of doing the public's business and, of course, self-aggrandizement. As George Putnam often said, “Follow the money trail.”

Alan Snodgrass
Tri-founder of the City of Irvine

At last, someone bold enough to take on Agran and his team. Here's to you, R. Scott Moxley. Things are bound to get nasty, but stay the course.

via e-mail

In Tom Tomorrow's Aug. 25 This Modern World cartoon strip, one character states he will not vote for George Bush because Bush did this, this and this; therefore, he will vote for Kerry. This character obviously represents a large majority of the Kerry supporters. But do they even know what Kerry stands for? The only reason people are voting for him is because they are anti-Bush. But what does it mean to be pro-Kerry?

Patricia Mattson
via e-mail

As great as the Von Bondies are, they were not at the show at the Galaxy Concert Theatre on Aug. 28; it was the Von Steins [Live Reviews, Sept. 3]. Now I don't want to get on the “I hate Gustavo” bandwagon because for the most part I don't, but come on, you were there—you saw the drum kit clearly marked, “The Von Steins.” Also there are not any girls in the Von Steins like there are in the Von Bondies.

Leah Gallagher
Laguna Beach
Gustavo Arellano responds: Sorry for the mistake, Leah. Between the Von Bondies, Von Steins, Von Dutch and Vons Supermarket, I'm vonderfully confused.

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