Like Facebook For Legislature

Not exactly as sexy as water for chocolate, but still.

Those crafty bastards over at Sunlight Foundation have cranked out the latest version of their watchdog tool for the Senate, Congress, committees, lobbyists and legislature: Open Congress.

We've recently added more ways to access the info created by the public on OpenCongress: helpful comments, votes on hot bills, social networking about your interests, and more.

To find out how these new features bring you closer to what's really happening in Congress, visit today's announcement on our blog:

Even if you haven't joined “My OpenCongress”, you can help make our
site more useful. We hope you'll take a few minutes to fill out this
new user survey, your feedback is really important:

It's been exciting to watch the “My OpenCongress” community grow over
the past weeks and start discussions on just about everything in
Congress. We have lots more features to release in the months ahead,
so please stay tuned and let us know what you think!


David N the “MyOC” Team

Get it? See the relevance? OC Weekly, MyOC? That's right, baby. Copyright infringement. Just kidding.

The site is quite cool in that within minutes you can not only tabulate how a particular representative has voted or track not just the passage of a bill through committees but details on the sponsorship of said bill as well. For professional and citizen journalists, that's like talking about the texture of the lace teddy you're going to wear to the Equestrian Suite at the Madonna Inn. Or maybe that's just me.


Oh, another great feature? Comments. I couldn't help but check out my favorite toll-road supporting, jowl-bearing, prostitute-possessing Congressman, Ken Calvert (R-Corona). Are his comments favorable? Not so much.

by daman09 | Feb 12, 2008

He's a sleaze bag!

by Anonymous | Feb 22, 2008

If anyone wants to take this douche bag on – hit me up. I live in the 44th and would be willing to help your campaign.
No joke. This man is a disgrace.
He would be so easy to defeat.
Holler at me:

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