Massive All-Star Charity Dinner in Honor of Golden Truffle’s Allan Greeley Set for Aug. 28!

This past weekend saw the closing of The Golden Truffle, the legendary Costa Mesa restaurant run for decades by Allan Greeley, a Falstaffian character who is a chef’s chef par none. He’s so beloved that a Murderer’s Row of OC chefs are gathering on August 28 to hold a multi-course extravaganza in his honor and open to the public at the Farmhouse at Roger’s Garden in Corona del Mar.

How Murderer’s Row? The confirmed chefs so far, each providing a course: Craig Strong of Studio at the Montage, Amar Santana of Vaca, Tim Goodell, Alessandro Pirozzi, Pascal Olhats, Franco Barone (THE Barone in Il Barone), Daniel Hyatt of Juliette Kitchen + Bar, and the Haven Gastropub boys. Rich Mead is hosting, Greeley will offer a salad, and Britta Pulliam is breaking up the boy’s club by providing the wine (and let’s home she adds some food, too!).


The fun starts at 6 p.m., and it ain’t cheap: $260 (which includes tax and tip). But of it, $150 can be used as a tax write-off because it’s a charity dinner, with proceeds going to Greeley nonprofit favorites Augie’s Quest and Natalie’s Wish. Interested? Of course you are—the last time there were so many culinary OC legends in one place was for El Torito founder Larry Cano’s 90th birthday some years back. If you want tickets, visit Farmhouse’s website, or call (949) 640-1415. And do it fast: guaranteed that this event will sell out faster than a Greeley quip. See you there!

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