MBox: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: MBox
Place of Purchase: JoinClubM.com
Price: $97

When marijuana is delivered to your door in packaging that looks like it was sent from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you know you're living in a new age of cannabis. In a previous Toke of the Week, we reviewed a subscription box that came with a bubbler, papers, a doob tube, a lighter and other smoking accessories. But the subscription game has changed substantially over the last several months. Club M, the online cannabis membership, has set a new standard for cannabis-related monthly subscriptions. And in this golden era of cannabis, professional ganja packages that could pass as a J.K. Rowling creation are symbolic of what the future has in store for California.

Here are the basic details about Club M: It's advertised as an “invitation-only” membership, but pretty much anyone can join— you know, as long as you live in California, have a valid cannabis recommendation and are over 18-years-old. For $97 a month you get $200 worth of lab-tested product ranging from flower samples, vapes and edibles to glass bubblers, salves and pre-rolled joints. (You can also order various products on the Club M website, including boxes from previous months).

But what's interesting about the MBox is that every month comes with a different theme and products to match. The box I received was themed “Explore.” My MBox arrived in brown paper wrapping, sealed together by red wax with an owl stamped on it. The box looks like a large, thick book— one that could easily be bound with spells. Inside were two grams of Dapper Labs Moon Rocks, or flower dipped in wax and rolled in kief; a glass bubbler, a torch lighter, a pre-rolled joint and two boxes of Moon Man's Mistress edibles.

The presentation of the box and its contents made me wonder if there was a dispensary 1000 feet away from Hogwarts, in which Harry Potter's cousin, Harry Pothead, was employed. And I wondered if the MBox was a sign from the other side telling me that I needed to jump aboard the Hogwarts Express and become a budtender for witches and warlocks. I snapped out of my Harry Potter trance and dove into my box. Overwhelmed with what to try first, I asked myself “What would Harry do?”

The answer was obvious: Moon Rocks. Harry would definitely go for the Moon Rocks first. The specific Moon Rock I tried was made with Chernobyl flower, which is a hybrid and has 22.87 percent THC, and .03 percent CBD; Fire OG Wax that's tested at 70.88 percent THC, .13 percent CBD and .07 percent CBN (the component in cannabis that aids in sleeping, appetite stimulation and is an anti-inflammatory); and Sweet Island Skunk Kief, which is said to have 47.21 percent THC, .08 percent CBD and .02 percent CBN. 

As soon as I broke up the fuzzy nug, I packed it into the new bubbler and took a hit. After a total of two hits and five minutes of coughing, I felt like I was on pluto. I looked at my phone and didn't know what to do with it. I tried to answer some emails on my computer and couldn't get past writing, “Hi, thank you for your email.” Instead, I sat on the couch in my living room, turned on the TV and immediately fell asleep.

Moon Rocks are no joke for lightweights like me. But considering I went into a minor Harry Potter craze and then felt like I went to Pluto for three hours, it's safe to say that Club M was on point with its “Explore” theme.

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