Michael Lohan Claims He Got Octomom Nadya Suleman into Drug Rehab in Orange

Michael Lohan famously failed recently to stage and intervention that would end with his daughter Lindsay Lohan entering a rehab. Now he's claiming he convinced Nadya Suleman to undergo residential treatment at Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Orange.

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Lohan, who these days claims to run a Florida nonprofit that helps stage interventions for people in need of treatment for substance abuse, is featured in media reports all over the Interwebs saying he coordinated Octomom's in-patient care with Gina Rodriguez, a porn performer-turned-manager for porn performer Suleman.

(In case you're wondering how the D-listers know one another, Octomom fought Lohan's pal Amy Fisher last year as part of a Celebrity Boxing fight card that had Lohan squaring off against Kato Kaelin.)

However, Rodriguez is reportedly accusing Lohan of over-inflating his role in the Octo-care, claiming that all he did was give her a phone number of a treatment facility when she asked for one.

Of course, believing anything out of Rodriguez's mouth must be taken with a grain of liar's salt, as she first told the gossip press her single, unemployed mother of 14 client is battling Xanax addiction, then changed the story to say Natalie's suffers from anxiety and exhaustion that she wants to treat without prescription medication.

Followers of this three-ring circus know the truth lies far from either explanation.

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