About Last Night… Juana Molina Cancels Monday Night Detroit Bar Show

I was thinking about hitting up last night's Juana Molina show at Detroit Bar, and depending on your perspective, I guess it's both good and bad that I was too tired to go out.

Molina never ended up performing last night. Weekly tipster Steve called in to let me know what went down:

“A lot of people there came to see Juana Molina. They hung out for like the whole time, then waited until the set was over and said 'Yeah, we're not going to play.'”

ers also had some comments:

“she was there.  someone fucked with her sound setup.  she canceled the show.”

As Steve tells it, the drama stemmed from Molina's band setting up before Free Moral Agents-who have been performing every Monday as part of the venue's monthly Monday night residencies, until the KCRW-sponsored Molina show was added recently and the usual Monday no cover was changed to $14–had a chance to play. Some words were exchanged between Free Moral Agents bandleader/Mars Volta keyboardist Ikey Owens and Molina, Free Moral Agents ended up performing for about 45 minutes, Molina retreated to the parking lot and then declared, after FMA wrapped up, that she wouldn't be performing. Refunds were given.

One Yelp user shared this colorful version of events:

“Well, shit goes down, Ikey threatens to beat up everyone with her, and they end up canceling the set.”

Detroit Bar co-owner Jon Reiser had no official comment.

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