Boo Bear Babes host “Pin-up Contest” at Slidebar, Feb.20

If the idea of watching half-naked, tattooed women strutting on a bar stage with the hope of winning cash doesn't excite you, please scroll past this post right now….go on…I'll wait.

Everyone else still here? Good. There's no doubt that there are usually plenty of things to do on a Friday night, but only one of them involves pin-up girls vying for your attention. You can thank the Boo Bear Babes for that. Besides being the official eye-candy of the 2nd annual MUSINK festival this weekend, the ladies are making themselves known by appearing at pretty much any event where classic California tattoo culture can be found. In an effort to rev-up some decent buzz for their appearance at MUSINK this weekend, the Boo Bear Babes are hosting a “Pin-Up Contest” at Slidebar in Fullerton where hot locals are welcome to rock their favorite Betty Paige gear for a bar full of potential admirers.

Those who enter are eligible to win $300 in cash and prizes and a chance to be in the official Boo Bear Babes calendar hitting shelves this summer. In addition to providing you with some decent bar room entertainment, you can also find the Boo Bear Babes working the crowd in what they describe as “corsets and booty shorts”, meeting and greeting.

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