Nadya Suleman to OC: My 14 Kids and I are Leaving; OC to Octomom: What Took So Long?

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids are leaving their La Habra home of three years for a house she is leasing in Palmdale, her manager reportedly says.

The manager, former porn performer Gina Rodriguez, apparently does not know when the move will happen but claims Suleman put down a large deposit and made several $2,150 monthly payments in advance for the Antelope Valley pad.

Rodrguez made the disclosures to the Orange County Register, reportedly saying that Suleman “wanted to get completely away and start fresh in a new area.”

That's music to the ears of neighbors of her four-bedroom house on a Madonna Lane cul-de-sac, which is often besieged by lookie-loos, news vans and Harvey Levin's journo-spawn.

Also rejoicing will be those who grew weary of Suleman's repeated media stunt that had her begging poor whenever her landlord Amer Haddadin complained she wasn't making payments. She held the deed, but he took in the payments that would be applied to her mortgage. When she stopped making payments earlier this year, the home went into foreclosure. When no one responded to an opening bid of more than $350,000 at a June auction, ownership went back to the bank.

Rodriguez tells the Register money is no longer an issue thanks to the self-pleasure porno Suleman made, as well as cash dribbling in from her advice-by-phone line, quick-loan endorsement and personal appearances.

One question looms, however: Which sap in Palmdale gets the deed to the Octomerde beat?

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