New(ish) Music: Free Moral Agent release 'Live at the Prospector' EP

A couple weeks ago we mentioned that Ikey Owen's trip-hoppy Long Beach jam band Free Moral Agents had released a live tune called “Systole” recorded at the Prospector for your listening pleasure. We also said that we'd let you know if it would be part of any upcoming FMA releases. Well, turns out we were prescient.

The band announced the old-fashioned CD release of Live at the Prospector EP today, but you can preview it here, then get the downloadable version here!

Funny thing is, the tracks were actually recorded in 2004 and remained unreleased until now. Recorded at what Owen describes as a pivotal time in FMA's development, the Live at the Prospector EP features a number of  bonus tracks from past albums like “Honey in the Carcass of the Lion,” “Mama's Gun Club Vol. 1” and “Everybody's Favorite Weapon” recorded at one of the band's favorite local haunts. If you've got $5, this would be a good way to spend it.

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