Next Naugles Pop-Up Restaurant is THIS SATURDAY…and Already Sold Out!

Man, do you folks love Naugles! My post merely saying there was a Naugles popup restaurantin the works got over 15,000 Facebook likes; the subsequent slideshow racked up the hits for us and got nearly 10,000 likes.

In fact, the demand for Naugles, the legendary Mexican fast-food chain that those who were able to experience continue to dream of, is so high that the next pop up was sold out even before it was announced.


Sorry for being a burrito tease on this one, but I do it for ustedes; consider this my campaign to get the Naugles team to host the next event at a union hall instead of a small restaurant in Fountain Valley. In the meanwhile, you can join the wait list here. See you this Saturday…on the outside while the rest of us are inside haha

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