No Doubt Say The New Album Is Delish

On Friday, Gwen Stefani sent out an update on the new album that the band is currently recording. They also posted the photo above on their Twitter account. Gwen says, ” Hey Guys…thinking a lot about you! We are baking up one
of the most delicious records…your ears will hardly be able to take
it…it will be so pleasurable!” (Heard Mentality consolidates No Doubt's Twitter feed for you after the jump–and we post the rest of Gwen's update.)

Here's a rundown of No Doubt's week, according to Twitter:

Tuesday: Gwen Stefani drives around Ventura Blvd. listening to a new song. (A NEW SONG, PEOPLE!!! AAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!)

Wednesday: The band announces that they will be at the Weenie Roast–but just to hang out, not to perform.

Friday: Most of the band are in the studio recording. Gwen writes lyrics to a new song she is addicted to, which she hopes to finish that night.

Saturday: Tom Dumont records his guitar parts in the studio in the morning, says there's nowhere else he'd rather be.

(Sure, laugh. While you can definitely see all these updates for yourself by heading over to their Twitter account, aren't you glad we put everything into one nifty blog entry?) Anyway, here's the rest of Gwen's update:

It's been so fun being together everyday. We started writing at
Tony's studio in his house. We just moved to a real studio in the
Valley and it makes it all feel like it's finally happening. We're
recording the first batch of songs that we wrote now and after this
we're gonna go right back in and write some more.

Wouldn't have gotten to this point without all of you coming out to
see us on the Summer Tour. You are so inspiring! Gonna tweet you
pictures and keep you updated. We need your vibes!

Gwen & My Boys (the No Doubt ones)

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