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Laguna Beach city officials got some unsolicited help in publicizing their Nov. 9 workshop on ocean pollution. Students in Mike Beanan's cartooning class at Orange Coast College created this clever take on the poster for the classic surf movie Endless Summer. Beanan is president of the rabble-rousing South Laguna Civic Association, which works with Laguna Beach's Surfrider chapter and the Clean Aliso Creek and Beach Association (CACA) to make the battle against beach pollution a top priority in town. Ocean protectors from Seal Beach to San Diego now want “Endless Bummer” posters for their causes.

BAG MAN Wayne Baglin, chairman of the Regional Water Quality Control Board's San Diego region, unveiled what Laguna Beach City Councilman Paul Freeman called the “Baglin Manifesto” at the workshop. Baglin, a former Laguna Beach councilman, offered several recommendations for cleaning his town's beaches. First, he urged the council to send a letter to his own water-quality board seeking a cease-and-desist order for a pipe that sends toxic crap from Laguna Niguel's Kite Hill to Aliso Creek and, thus, the ocean. Then, Baglin said, the city should “invite” the county and all upstream cities to participate in beach-cleanup efforts. The letters will help should the city eventually take municipalities that don't join the effort to court for polluting Laguna Beach. But just as the council was about to green-light Baglin's plan, city manager Ken Frank persuaded the council to delay the Kite Hill letter because Laguna Beach is working with Laguna Niguel on an unrelated project. You make the call: Is it more telling in this pollution quagmire that the chairman of a water-quality board has to ask a city to demand a cease-and-desist order from his own agency? Or that a bureaucrat can get his elected bosses to tread lightly around a neighboring town that's literally shitting on them?

NEWS FLASH! A.Jay Popoff, lead singer for the OC band Lit, was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure after allegedly dropping his drawers during a Nov. 10 show at the University of North Carolina. And to think we'd managed to forget all about Lit before the bust.

WALLY WORLD The following was left on Clockwork's answering machine: “This is Wally George. Somebody showed me this ridiculous article of yours (A Clockwork Orange, Nov. 5). And may I say to you about the actual quotes from Rick Dees: Did it ever occur to you that Rick Dees said exactly what we stated? In one of the press releases sent by my publisher regarding Rush Limbaugh and so forth, that was one of the things he said inside the book. The other statement was made for the cover of the book, the back cover. Did that ever occur to you? You could have placed a phone call to my publisher. You could have placed a phone call to me. But you are so irresponsible and so ludicrous because you don't bother to do that, and that's why you're working for such a rag. But I wish you would get your facts straight. Rick Dees did indeed say all the things that you quoted. He said some things inside the book, and he said another statement for the back cover of the book. So we didn't do any switcheroo; we didn't do anything that is changing things around. And it ticks me off that you are such an amateur in the way you present your news in that rag of a newspaper. And I wish you would straighten it out in your next [snickers] so-called column.”

No way, Wally—you may play the sly silver fox around the ladies at Scamps, but you'll never trick us into . . . D'oh!

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