OC Grub Guide: Brunch 101: Fresh Toast Style!

This is how we cheers. photo courtesy Farmer Boys

We’ve been to previous Fresh Toast events, and can tell you a thing or two about its piggy, eggy, toasty goodness. But what we’re best at doing on this blog is dropping facts, so you’re informed heading in. If you’ve got tickets already, great. And if not, well, we’re setting you up with all the intel you’ll need. Those brunch tickets are all on you.

One year, we thought it would be smart to arrive on time. We proceeded to spend more than 10 minutes on Jamboree trying to make a right turn. If you are a VIP, go earlier. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes sooner than anticipated. And before you get all smart, did you know Saturday is also when Laguna Beach’s Certified farmers’ market is held? It’s from 8 a.m. to noon in Lot 12; you know, that lot adjacent to (the only free) Lot 11, according to the Visit Laguna Beach website.

Then again, if you’re really making the most of Fresh Toast, you should be taking Lyft/Uber. Or have a designated driver. For information on electric-vehicle charging stations and disabled parking, you can refer to the link above. 

We’ve noticed at these events how quickly people gravitate to the beverage lines. So we’d like to remind you there’s a Bloody Mary Battle going on, and your vote counts! Locate the battle area to kick things off properly. Heck, a few of those drinks come with a garnish as filling as some restaurant bites. This year’s competitors are using Ketel One as their vodka base, so it’ll be up to the bartenders’ creativity to win you over. Good luck to Driftwood Kitchen, Seasalt, Mercado, The Country Club, Ole’s Tavern, Hendrix, and Trevor’s At the Tracks!

The somewhat complete list (We’re talking to you, restaurants that didn’t know what you were serving yet) went online Monday. There’s still a dozen places unaccounted for, but this should whet your brunch appetite. May we suggest running, not walking, to Paderia Bakehouse’s table first? Follow that closely with Farmer Boys for a savory brekkie burrito. Then over to The Cut for some serious French toast—because alternating savory and sweet is how we roll.

Shout out to all the sponsors! Man, there are a lot of you. Bulleit Whiskey, Audi of Mission Viejo, all the non-alcoholic vendors, gorjana (love your jewelry!), and everybody else: Without you, we’d have no swag bags, no booze, no happiness. You are appreciated. Speaking of appreciation, we also need to give it up for the Tony Guerrero Quintet! It would otherwise be quiet as heck, except for everybody chewing and taking brunch photos. Thanks, Tony!



A contributing writer for OC Weekly, Anne Marie freelances for multiple online and print publications, and guest judges for culinary competitions. A Bay Area transplant, she graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from Cal Poly Pomona. Find her on Instagram as brekkiefan.

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