OC Register Sports Section Publishes Weeks-Old NBA Standings Ahead of Playoffs

Nope, the Lakers are still eliminated from contention (Photo by John Gilhooley)

The NBA season wraps up tomorrow night with several seeds up in the air and all but one remaining playoff slot left to be determined. But unsuspecting sports fans wouldn’t know it by turning the pages of the OC Register‘s sports section this morning as I did while sitting on the can (TMI?). That’s because weeks-old playoff standings somehow got published in the newspaper. Hey, Clipper Nation, we’re still in this! #ItTakesEverything! 

Making the gaffe all the more embarrassing are the roundups published below the standings. The Cleveland Cavaliers won their 50th game last night and clinched another division title. A quick glance above? The Cavs remain just 44-29, a win-loss record they haven’t held since besting the Brooklyn Nets on Mar. 25. Yikes! Another article on the same page about the Clippers dropping a game to the New Orleans Pelicans noted that LA had been eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday, but with the out-of-date standings…oh, you get the point. 

(Photo by Gabriel San Roman)

This isn’t the first time the Register‘s sports page has suffered an ink-stained embarrassment. Back in 2014, they weren’t able to run the final score of a Los Angeles Dodgers game and ran a stale headline on a Bruins football game whose fate had already been decided. The culprit back then? Former Reg owner Aaron Kushner and his new carrier-pleasing press times that proved disastrous for sports writers. 

This time? We don’t have Kushner to kick around anymore. Digital First Media, a chain run by a rapacious hedge fund that has newspapers literally begging for their lives, is in the driver’s seat now. Back in January, a wave of “significant” layoffs for Southern California News Group papers like the Register were announced. The sports section, alongside features and photos, went first before the guillotine. 

Whatever the reason, not even stuffing sports in the Register‘s main news section alongside local news could have hidden the NBA standings blunder. The playoffs start on Saturday. 

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