OFWGKTA's Frank Ocean Arrested, Released and Working With Nas

Odd Future's R&B crooner Frank Ocean unleashed some angry tweets in the direction of LAPD after an apparent arrest on April 28. Read Ocean's early-morning tweets, which have since been removed from his Twitter page, after the jump.

“Just got out of jail,” followed by, “F— a cop, non-stop. frank will never speak to a cop again in his natural life. i have no respect for police.” And then later, “Asked the pig yesterday, why he chose to be a pig… his response 'it's the only job where u can kill someone and go to work the next day.'” Swag.
We called LAPD, who said they couldn't disclose the reason for Ocean's arrest and subsequent lock-up over the phone. (A formal request in writing would take two weeks.)
Last weekend, Nas announced he and Frank Ocean had been collaborating: “In the studio with my little n**ga @frank_ocean,” @Nas tweeted. It's the latest development in what's been a prolific year thus far for the New Orleans-born, Beverly Hills-based singer/songwriter, who was spotted in the studio with Beyonce in March.

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