Oh, the Humanity

'South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut'— (R) Best for:Drunken sailors on shore leave.

What it's about:Everything that is foul, evil and anti-Christian in the world. But unlike a PTL Club broadcast, this animated-feature version of the Matt Stone and Trey Parker television show actually glamorizes Satan, homosexuality, curse words, black power and the notion that children can think for themselves. The good:I'm a sucker for musicals. The not-so-good:Besides relying on pure filth, the writing is very amateurish. For instance, there's this running inside joke about a “clitoris,” but they never explain what

it means.

Language:I stopped counting the F-word at about 347 because I was getting woozy. Sex:None—unless you count homosexual sex between Saddam Hussein and Satan and disgusting XXX sex between a mom and a German who can't control his bowels. Violence:Extremely graphic war scenes that make Saving Private Ryan look like Hogan's Heroes. A young boy is burnt to a crisp and then buried in salt. The fires of hell engulf the earth. Oh, and Brooke Shields gets slapped. Entertainment value:My editors sent me to this awful piece of trash because I get stuck reviewing all the kiddy cartoons, so to pay those warped poopie heads a lesson I'm giving South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut an A+. Parental advisory:Ssssssssssssss-BLOP!-Clug-glug-clug [sound of head exploding]. Molly MockClure's family-entertainment column appears Fridays inThe Orange County Registurd's Show section.

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